Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sabtu 30 April 2011

Apakah maksud yang dibawa dari tarikh tersebut??Korang tertanya ker??Hahaha Tertanya larh kowt ya? (Perasan sudaa~~)

Okay, actually that's date is maybe important for me..I think so but to him, I don't know how his feeling to me..We're knowing each other from Techinal High School..But we not close, just knowing like that's only..And I knowing him because he is special person from my classroom mate..

But in Saturday 30th April 2011, just I and my BFF who is, Tieqah and Fieyna planning to hang out because after school, we don't meet each other..By the way, long time no see okay?Hehe..Out planning, Fieyna encounter Hanisah a.k.a Kak Chik..

Then, we all meet Tieqah at Shopping Mall in Langkawi..After that, I on purpose calling Jazil and asking him where had been..And he say he was in karoke room so we all join him with his friend, Areqib maybe..Huhu Forgetten his name, sorry....We're singing several song then we all going out then Jazil and Areqib ask to back first..

We all don't know where to go so I, Fieyna and Kak Chik going upstairs just wanna see the clothes where had sales..Tieqah ask to go Guardian alone, she say her mom ask to buy something and she also had say that Faizol wanna join us..After we around in that sales, we find out where is Tieqah and Kak Chik also ask to hang out with her friend..

So now, we 3 girls and also 3 boys..The flower of we is me, Fieyna and Tieqah and yet that's beetle is Faizol, Rash and Rash's youngest brother..We talking each other without Rash and his brother, then we going to MacDonald to had lunch..Lunch??Haha I think that's was evening maybe..Kih3 I and Tieqah was buy some fast food together with slap to..

In the same time, Tieqah had to back first and had asking me to join her but that time just Fieyna only flower around three beetle so I say that I wanna wait with Fieyna..And then, capital RF sit in front of me..Wow, see his smile fulamak!cair dowh..Hahaha Just ignore it...It's make me wanna knowing him closer..Yeah!Still have chance laa....He single so am I but I don't know what his thinking bout me, maybe just friend..Huhu He always smile and his smile make me fall down down and down..Perghh!! I'm not sronger but I act like nothing happen..

Then I and Fieyna think wanna go Cenang Beach, their also wanna join..RF first say that he wanna join,make me perasan!Hehe but in while my Mom say that she can't take me at CB so Fieyna just send me at Pekan Rabu..So I can't meet him again..

Espcially, now I'm not in my lovely town and I hope so fast so good to be there..Hehe Noty gurl..Wanna meet him again!!! Mummy!! Let's go home..Hahaha
Nampak sangat gatal so abaikan aja..Well done~ Hehe

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Faten said...

Buat-BuAT cLOSE la kan.kan.ka.